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With the VisionAppster engine.

Drop the VisionAppster Engine into your camera and use it with Builder, Cloud and Store.

Meet your new image analysis engine and camera

The VisionAppster Engine lets you run vision apps on your server, cameras, PCs or even on Raspberry Pi. And you can easily connect and configure your vision apps with the RESTful API. You can automatically correct perspectives, join multiple cameras, and move or change cameras without modifying your vision app. Our engine also supports multiple simultaneous cameras.

The VisionAppster Engine with Image Analysis Ecosystem

VisionAppster Builder

With features like vision app templates, you can use it to create AI model based image analysis with ONNX, OpenCV, and C API. It comes with Java Script support and can be easily integrated with the RESTful API. VisionAppster Builder saves you time, effort and lots of headaches.

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Cloud Services

VisionAppster Cloud Services let you run vision apps and configure them with the RESTful API. It also securely stores all of your vision apps and account data and lets you quickly and easily access and retrieve them whenever you want.

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VisionAppster Store

The VisionAppster Store will be launched in the spring of 2019. It will be the world’s best marketplace for buying and selling vision apps, algorithms, image analysis and other tools.

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How to buy and run vision apps in your camera with the VisionAppster Engine

The VisionAppster Engine and Store: The world’s best marketplace for computer and machine vision apps.

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