The VisionAppster Engine

Introducing the free, high-performance engine that can run your vision apps anywhere – making maximum use of all available processing resources. It delivers all the tools and all the flexibility you need.


The VisionAppster Engine runs on lots of different processor architectures, operating systems and container technologies. We officially support Linux on x86-64, ARM-32 and ARM-64 and Windows on x86-64. Prebuilt images for Docker and Raspberry Pi are also available.

Unlimited building blocks

The VisionAppster Store brings you a large selection of interoperable tools that can be installed as components when building your app. You’ll find things like deep learning based object detectors, QR code readers, image filters and camera drivers. It’s full of great stuff and growing every day.


Can’t find a ready-made component that suits your needs? No problem! The VisionAppster Engine comes with a wide variety of open extension interfaces. You can write native extensions in C and C++, or any other language that offers C bindings. It also supports Python and JavaScript.

Batteries included

The VisionAppster Engine comes packed with lots of built-in tools to help with common vision tasks like image filtering, blob and color analysis, shape detection, running deep learning models, gauging, and code reading. It also supports a whole range of cameras right out of the box.

Prebuilt libraries

All supported platforms include commonly used vision and machine learning libraries like OpenCV, Dlib and ONNX Runtime. Many library functions are provided as high-level tools, and you can also easily access low-level features from your code.

Automatic APIs

You can smoothly control the VisionAppster Engine and all apps running on it through an intuitive HTTP-based RPC mechanism. The VisionAppster Builder also lets you choose API entry points graphically, and everything else is automated. The web interface even automatically creates client code examples for accessing APIs.