Become a VisionAppster Store seller.

Become a seller

The VisionAppster Store is an amazing platform that allows you to monetize your vision code. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old pro, just add your app or tool to the VisionAppster Store and let us take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Customer acquisition

We’ll bring the global market and customers to you. You take care of the coding, we’ll take care of the rest!

IPR protection

The VisionAppster Builder automatically encrypts your code, so it’s always safe and sound.

License validation

The VisionAppster Builder and Engine automatically verify user licenses, subscriptions and/or per seat or cloud usage licenses.

Payment processing

The VisionAppster Store will process all payments made to you and send you your money on a monthly basis via PayPal.

Cross-platform support

We offer Windows, Linux, embedded, Raspberry Pi, Docker and cloud support for your apps.

B2B Sales

Monetize your B2B customers with our seamless payment process and license protection by using unlisted feature.

Legal matters

Forget about legal documents and pages of paperwork. We will provide all the necessary agreements, from license agreement to EULA.

International Taxation

Different countries have very different tax practices. With VisionAppster, you can sell to buyers anywhere in the world and we’ll handle the local taxation for you.


You’ll receive 70% of the revenue of everything you sell in the VisionAppster Store.

Start earning by selling your vision apps and tools today.

REGISTER AS A SELLER Our annual seller fee is just 99€. Read more in our Seller Manual