Last updated: July 3, 2019

This VisionAppster Cloud Support Service Agreement ("Terms") shall be applied with respect to any use of the VisionAppster Cloud Support Services. These terms together with VisionAppster Cloud General Terms of Use and other electronically agreed terms executed when acquiring a right to use VisionAppster Cloud Support Services form a binding legal agreement between User and VisionAppster, a company organized under the laws of Finland and registered in the trade register of Finland, business identity code 2517706-4, having its offices at Salvesenintie 6, 40420 Jyskä, Finland ("VisionAppster").


Subject to this Support Service Agreement and during the Support Service period purchased by the User, VisionAppster will through its VisionAppster Cloud Support user interface, provide Users with Support for the Software and/or Services which User has licensed and/or purchased under the applicable Agreements such as VisionAppster Builder License Agreement. Users are allowed and urged to report Errors to VisionAppster and VisionAppster will make commercially reasonable efforts to solve them. Solution to an encountered Error may be provided through User(s) themselves downloading of the next released version of the VisionAppster software product(s) in question or by VisionAppster providing the User with a temporary workaround addressing such Error.


In these Terms except as otherwise expressly provided herein or unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the following respective meanings:

"Contact Person" shall mean the representative of VisionAppster who is the User's first point of contact concerning the Enterprise User's Support requests according these Terms.

"Error" shall mean an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in different VisionAppster Products and/or Services resulting that its functions deviate from the functions described in VisionAppster documentation or as agreed between VisionAppster and the User.

Support" or "Support Services" shall mean Support Services provided to the Users of VisionAppster Platform by VisionAppster as set forth in these Terms.

"Support Service period" shall mean the time frame for which the User has purchased either VisionAppster Cloud Pro or Enterprise Support Services as set forth in VisionAppster Cloud General Terms of Use, service specific site and User Manual.

"Terms" shall mean VisionAppster Cloud Support Service Agreement.


The User acquires Support Services from VisionAppster in accordance with the order form and terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and VisionAppster Cloud General Terms of Use.


VisionAppster Cloud Support Services constitutes of certain services available to various User Tiers set forth in service specific site and the VisionAppster User Manual.

Unless otherwise agreed with the User in the electronic order form or otherwise, VisionAppster Cloud Support Services includes following Online Support Services, which the User may utilize upon registering to VisionAppster Cloud, creating VisionAppster account, by accepting VisionAppster Cloud General Terms and these Terms and other service specific terms, as may be applicable. Availability of different Support Services and possible costs thereof shall be subject to User's subscription and Tier, as further described in service specific site and User Manual.

4.1 Scope of the Support Services

VisionAppster Support Services include following services:

(i)   Software maintenance releases and updates which VisionAppster generally provides to its support customers, upon its discretion, and no new features or customer-specific requirements are included;
(ii)   Troubleshooting and problem diagnosis on best efforts basis, with the prerequisite that Customer has provided any information and material required by VisionAppster.

VisionAppster Support Services does not include any support or guidance out of the scope of VisionAppster Platform architecture (including but not limited to coding assistance for a specific User Content).

Support Services are provided in the Support Service period set forth in the service specific site and User Manual and accepted by the User when entering into agreement with VisionAppster. If the error or problem is considered complicated, VisionAppster may choose to provide an initial response to the User and then follow up, without undue delay, with additional communication before an error is properly addressed or Support provided.

VisionAppster retains the right to modify, add to or delete the Support Services. In the event that any modifications, additions, or deletions require changes in the User's services VisionAppster shall notify the User as quickly as possible.

4.2 SLA

Enterprise Tier Support Services include Service Level Agreement, in which VisionAppster guarantees certain functionality level of the VisionAppster Services. When entering into an Enterprise Tier Agreement, the VisionAppster SLA will be made available and shall be accepted then by the Enterprise User.

4.3 User's Responsibilities

To report an Error, the User shall register the Error on the User's VisionAppster Cloud account dashboard or at another location designated by VisionAppster.

User is obliged to provide adequate information and documentation to VisionAppster to enable VisionAppster to solve the Error or problem which the User has encountered and sought assistance. To ensure efficient handling of Errors, the User must provide the following information, where applicable:

(i) A clear, detailed description of the problem, question or suggestion; (ii) Identification of which VisionAppster product and version is affected;

(iii) Identification of the User's operating environment on which the problem exists;

(iv) Additional content that is relevant in the matter such as screenshots, etc. Additional content should be included as attachments. The preferred image formats are JPEG and PNG. If the content is compressed, it shall be uploaded as a zip.file. Executable content and documents in platform specific formats are not accepted.;

(v) In order for VisionAppster to provide efficient handling of errors, the User shall without undue delay respond to any requests from VisionAppster for additional information.


VisionAppster shall provide Support Services to the User during the purchased Support Service period. The Support Service period renews automatically, unless terminated by User forty-eight (48) hours before expiration of the Support Service period, as further described in the User Manual. In the event of User's breach of these Terms, VisionAppster may terminate User's account with immediate effect.