VisionAppster for Raspberry Pi

The VisionAppster Engine lets you run vision apps on your server, cameras, PCs or even Raspberry Pi. It’s compatible with C API, RESTful API, and JavaScript and it works with multiple cameras. With the VisionAppster Engine, your camera calibration and perspective are always current, even when you change the position of your camera or cameras.


Machine Vision by Raspberry Pi

The VisionAppster Engine is a reliable, economical and easy-to-use machine vision app development solution that runs with Raspberry Pi. Use ONNX Runtime for deep neural networks with together our 80+ analytics-building tools, including easy access to OpenCV, super simple template apps, and much more. VisionAppster and Raspberry Pi are a solid starting point for experienced developers and industry newcomers alike.


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

With a 64-bit quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz, dual-band wireless LAN, bluetooth 4.2/BLE, PoE capability via a separate Poe HAT, Ethernet support and more, Raspberry Pi Model B+ is an even more powerful version of the most popular Raspberry Pi computer.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 features:
- Fixed focus lens on-board
- 8 megapixel native resolution
- Sensor-capable of 3280 x 2464px
- Supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p90 video

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  • VisionAppster Application Builder

    VisionAppster Builder is a vision software platform that enables vision users to develop and run computer vision apps. It includes over ONNX Runtime for neural networks, 80 different image processing, analysis, vision and control tools, including camera calibration for perspective correction, QR/barcode reading, multicamera support, C API and JavaScript support.

  • VisionAppster Application Engine

    Our Application Engine lets you run vision apps on your server, cameras, PCs or even Raspberry Pi. You can connect and configure your computer vision apps with RESTful API. You can automatically correct perspectives and join multiple cameras and move or change cameras without any change to your vision app. Our engine also supports multiple simultaneous image sources.

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